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We are producing electric power in the Uşak province of western Turkey based on decision No. 2729-1 of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, dated August 26, 2010. Our cogeneration energy plant with natural gas conversion operates in a 800 m2 enclosed facility situated on a total land area of 9,300 m2. Our two natural gas engines have the capacity to generate electricity at the rate of 18.46 MW per hour. In total, we have the capacity to produce 155.064.000kW/h of electricity, 80,000 tons of steam and 750,000 tons of hot water per year.

We are the founding member of the Anadolu ve Trakya Doğalgaz Santralleri Derneği (DOGSANT) which was established to provide a higher quality of service to the end consumers.

Ahmet Vefa Küçük /
Chairman of the Board
Cenk Küçük /
Vice Chairman of the Board
Ayşegül Küçük Okkey /
Board Member
Plant Manager
Lütfi Tuğra Uysun /

The Vefa Küçük Group of Companies began its business ventures in 1985 by entering the iron and steel production industry. More recently, the Group expanded its activities by going into Turkey's rapidly developing sectors of construction, energy, tourism and real estate. Our aim is to establish projects excelling in high standards and brand value. Because of our well respected and reliable corporate structure, as well as the strong value of our brand and history of high standards, our Group has established an excellent track record.

Current plans for growth with the Group focus on bolstering our real estate and development ventures. Furthermore, with the purpose of establishing ourselves as a top global player, in 2010 we entered the energy sector by acquiring the Yeni Uşak Enerji Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. Cogeneration Energy Plant. Beginning with a capacity for natural gas of 8.73 MW, the output was increased to 18.46 MW in 2011.

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With a total land area of 1,309 km² and a population of 192,144, Uşak is a growing industrial city with organized industrial zones and small industrial sites.


Our plant in Uşak has the capacity to handle 30% of the energy demand of its own providence.


Waste disposal and recycling operations are handled in accordance with all existing regulations issued by the Ministry of Environment.

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Natural gas power plants join together

DOGSAT Association established

Ekrem Demirtaş, the President of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (ITO), led and enabled 16 companies, from 11 different provinces across Turkey, to establish the Anadolu ve Trakya Doğalgaz Santralleri Derneği, (DOGSANT) . Demirtaş, elected as the Association's first Chairman of the Board of Directors, shared that the purpose of this venture will serve to resolve difficulties that the companies face, as well as increase the service quality for consumers.

Anadolu ve Trakya Doğalgaz Santralleri Derneği (DOGSANT) was established to unite companies producing electric power in Turkey. DOGSANT’s first meeting was held at the headquarters of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (ITO).

Located in 11 provinces across Turkey, 16 different companies joined together to become the founding members of this Association, which was established under the leadership of ITO. The President of the Board of Directors of ITO, Ekrem Demirtaş stated that the charter for the Association was signed by the chief executives of each of the companies involved during today’s meeting.

Moreover, Demirtaş indicated that five temporary Board Members of the Association were elected at the meeting. He stated, "Along with myself, the members of the Board of Directors are as follows, Sırrı Vural Bilen, Şükrü Akkan, Ömer Sarıoğlu and Lütfi Tuğra Uysun. Our General Meeting (kurultai) will take place within the next 6 months.“

As part of the task allocation of the Board, Ekrem Demirtaş was elected as the Chairman, Ömer Sarıoğlu Vice President, Sırrı Vural Bilen Vice President , Şükrü Akkan Deputy Secretary General and Lutfi Tugran Uysan was selected as a Member of the Board.

Visit with Taner Yıldız

Turkey's Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

The members of DOGSANT, the Association of Anatolia and Thrace Gas Plants, made their first visit to the office of Taner Yıldız, Turkey's Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

During the visit, conducted on the 16th of Thursday ‘ 14, Ekrem Demirtaş, President of the Board of Directors of DOGSANT, shared about the important challenges for the power plants, especially concerning their accounts payable difficulties and stated, “We are living in these troubled times and we are here to pass on to you our problems" Demirtaş also mentioned that the total power capacity of the facilities belonging to the member companies of the Association of Anatolia and Thrace Gas Plants was approximately 3,000 MW and with the arrival of new member companies there should be an inevitable increase in capacity. Furthermore, Demirtaş stated, "We had aimed to set up a power plant within the OSB, or Organized Industrial Zones, in each region. However, because of the high cost of power production, power plants were not able to provide service even to their own OSBs. Consequently, the industry is experiencing a season of contraction. However, with the support of the Ministry, the entire industry will have sufficient income and will gradually generate more income."

The Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız replied, "There is going to be a marked difference between the time before and after your meeting. I will assess each issue carefully." Addressing concerns regarding the transparency of the market, Yıldız assured his visitors that the Ministry has responded to every official application, and shared all the details of the process when communicated through official correspondence.

Yıldız also brought attention to the growth of natural gas consumption, particularly during the winter months. He remarked, "In previous years, power plants have faced difficult problems due to a supply crisis of natural gas. We are currently in the process of evaluating and giving attention to any and all requests concerning this matter.”

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